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Uninstructed Indoor Ice Climbing

Our ice climbing wall simply has no rival anywhere in the world...

The Biggest & Best Ice Climbing Wall in the World

Our ice wall is no rival anywhere in the world.  500 tonnes of real snow and ice to a height of 12m, with grades from beginner to expert making the indoor ice climbing experience a must.

Climb Uninstructed if you’re a competent winter climber already!

Inside the ice climbing wall there are routes from simple easy angled snow slopes through to challenging, thin ice/rock mixed climbing.

Experienced winter climbers have the opportunity of pushing their grade, developing advanced techniques, or simply testing shiny new gear!

Feel like you need some extra coaching or pointers then try one of our instructed sessions.


“The Ice Factor is your one and only opportunity to experience what Ice climbing really feels like without waiting ages for the right weather, walking miles up snowy mountains, or serving your apprenticeship in winter mountaineering skills. You just step in a big fridge and start swinging some ice tools. Some folk will just want to try it for fun, some will want to use it to fine tune their ice climbing technique, some will train for the ice climbing world cup – doesn’t matter. The point is you clock up the metres on real ice without the normal hassles of winter mountaineering” .” ~ Dave MacLeod – recognised as one of the world’s top climbers

How much does it cost?

Indoor Ice Climbing  Adult  Jnr  Adult Member  Jnr Member
Hit the Ice (instructed) £48.00 £48.00  n/a  n/a
2 hours (non-instructed) £27.50 £27.50 £22.50  £22.50
2 hours ice with all day rock (non-instructed) £30.00 £30.00  £25.00  £25.00
Equipment hire (full kit) £8.00 £4.00  n/a  n/a
Equipment hire (per item) £2.50 £1.50  n/a  n/a

* Prices are per person.  All instructed prices include technical equipment hire.  Ice Factor does not provide any clothing.  The use of gloves is mandatory for the ice wall.



Is it real ice/snow?

Yes! The ice climbing arena holds nearly 400 tonnes of snow/ice. This is packed onto the wall, giving depths from a couple of centimetres to nearly a metre. The routes are all shaped by hand to give an authentic ice climbing experience. The temperature is controlled to keep the area below zero. We emulate the pattern of nature to recreate a ‘freeze/thaw’ cycle, this turns the snow to neve, hard packed, compressed snow suitable for climbing on. The range of routes ensures whether you are a total beginner or a regular mountaineer that you will be presented with a challenging and rewarding experience.

Customer Notice

Please bear with us while we improve our website and booking system. In the interim, for enquiries and bookings, please call our friendly team on 01855 831100 anytime between 9am-6pm. 

Have an awesome day and we look forward to hearing from you! 

The Ice Factor Team