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pour plus 30 années Asolo’s high performance footwear has been trusted by leading mountaineers, alpinists and ice climbers scaling many of the world’s most challenging peaks.

Maintenant, une nouvelle entente de commandite a annoncé aujourd'hui (29 janvier) par le groupe Ice Factor (IFG) et AMG – the Greenock based UK distributor of Asolo footwearwill ensure the famous Italian brand is the go-to product for instructors and students on Ice Factor’s alpinisme hivernal et ice-climbing courses.

The deal means novice and expert climbers alike can road-test the Asolo Alta Via boot when scaling 40ft high ice-walls at Ice Factor Kinlochleven. Incorporating the world’s largest indoor ice-climbing facility, the award-winning adventure sports facility by Fort William dans Écosse’s west highlands is also within a boot-print of some of the UK’s best classic mountaineering terrain.

The sponsorship agreement will also apply at Facteur de neige Braehead just west of Glasgow. Depuis 2013, the UK’s largest indoor snow-sports facility has offered lessons and training on its 30ft high multi-route ice-walls.

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Jamie Smith, founder and managing director of the Ice Factor Group, a commenté:

“Like Asolo and its UK distributor AMG, the Ice Factor Group has a deep passion and understanding of mountain sports. From beginner to expert, over 130,000 enthusiasts climb with us every year. We are very proud to be associated with AMG and its iconic Asolo brand and look forward to working in partnership to help more climbers to confidently scale the heights.”

AMG’s Rob Birrell, ajoutée: le Asolo footwear brand is recognized by accomplished mountaineers around the world for performance, quality and advanced design:

“I am delighted that anyone climbing at the snow and ice walls at Ice Factor Kinlochleven and Facteur de neige Braehead will have the opportunity to experience the comfort, security and performance of Asolo footwear for themselves. To experience is to believe, and it beats testing your new mountaineering footwear on the stairwell at home.”

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Media contacts:

For Ice Factor Group: Colin Hutchison, 3×1 Public Relations, Tel: 0131 225 7700 / chutchison@3×1.com / @colin_hutchison

For AMG (Asolo): Stefan Lepkowski, Karol Marketing, Tel: 0191 265 7765 / stefan@karolmarketing.com