Ben Nevis & Cordonnier

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On Monday Dave and I [kev Shields] dirigé à nouveau le Ben pour obtenir le rideau, une partie devant nous le dernier pas voulu dire que nous n'avait pas besoin de faire la queue ou d'éviter les débris qui était bon. One day like this on Ben Nevis is worth the weeks of miserable Météo we get.

Hotaches, Aie
Dave on Pitch 1 of The Curtain
Me setting off on pitch 2
Dave steals the final and best pitch
Top out
Yesterday Dave MacLeod and I headed for the Cobbler. Dave had his eye on a line but for a few reasons it wasn’t a day to push it.
Dave walking into the murk
We rescued this sheep on the way out.
Over the last few days I’ve been run out on gear or soloing on relatively easy ground and have felt that the fire I thought I had extinguished for soloing is still perhaps a smouldering ember that may soon relight itself……..