Beinn Nibheis

We offer bespoke guiding on Ben Nevis both in Summer and In Winter.

Ben Nevis is the highest and most impressive mountain in Scotland and therefore in the UK we offer bespoke guiding on Ben Nevis both in Summer and In Winter.


Tùr Ridge: Cubby Images

The Mountain slighe àbhaisteach slighe suas Beinn Nibheis agus a 'toirt fada a choiseachd, an dùil 7 – 8treana a rèir fallaineachd.

Decide which day suits you and get in touch and one of our local guides will tailor the day to suit you and your group.

Faodaidh seo a bhith airson Mountain Àireamh ach tha dòigh eile aig a ruighinn mullach a 'bheinn as àirde san RA

leac Route provides a brilliant and airy ridge scramble to Carn Dearg, ceann a tuath mhullach Bheinn Nibheis. Tha a ' Càrn Mòr Dearg arête provides Scotland with one of its best scrambles which also demands a great head for heights and higher levels of fitness. Tha an dà chuid de na slighean sin tha timcheall air an-Thuath Face nas àrainneachd iomallach.

Airson buidhnean de mheud sam bith bidh sinn a 'stiùireadh an t-slighe air an t-slighe as fheàrr airson thu, a chaidh a thaghadh airson a bhith iomchaidh do eòlas agus miannan agus a thoirt dhuibh nas dùbhlanaiche-slighe gu mullach.

Ìomhaighean [Tadhail air a 'Ghearasdan]


A dh'fhiosrachadh cuiribh fòn an t-ionad air 01855 831 100 no a 'lìonadh an fhoirm gu h-ìosal.

Dè tha e a 'chosgais?

The prices are below and we will provide any technical gear required such as ropes and harnesses.

On the Mountain Track we can provide guides for your group at a ratio of one guide for up to ten people in the group. This works out at a very cost effective £25 per person.


On Ledge route and the CMD arete due to the technical nature of the ground we run a maximum ratio of 1:4.

Ledge route & the CMD arete
Chan eil. People Price per 1 latha
1 £ 180,00
2 £200.00
3 £220.00
4 £240.00
5+ £250.00

Your Instructors

Kev Shields

Kev Shields

Disciplines: Rock Climbing, sreap deighe

I'm originally from Ayrshire but stay in Fort William now so I can focus totally on my climbing. I feel I've pushed certain facets of my climbing as far as I can considering I have only one hand so next for me is to move onto the Greater Ranges and my first trip to the Himalayas is in the pipeline. I work at the Ice Factor as they allow me to work part time and very kindly sponsor me which allows me more time to climb/train and with severe problems after my fall time is at a premium to achieve as many of my ambitions as possible. I also work there as I find the team great to work with.

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Pete Hyde

Pete Hyde

Disciplines: Rock Climbing, sreap deighe, Guiding

Hi. I am Pete, the Chief Instructor for the Ice Factor in Kinlochleven and the Snow Factor Ice Wall at Braehead. I escaped from my former life as a Special Needs teacher in 1999 by becoming a free-lance Outdoor Instructor and then spent 10 years as an Outward Bound Instructor in the Highlands before moving on to a series of senior instructor roles around Lochaber and Speyside.

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