Black Friday bei Ice Factor – 25% aus

Besuchen Sie eines der Top 5 Besucherattraktionen im Hochland - Buchen Sie Ihre Aktivitäten heute!

Bekommen 30% Aus unserem Klettern Multi dieses Black Friday Wochenende!

Das Klettern Multipass ist 6 All Day Klettern geht, die, wenn man super scharf sind, es liegt an 78 Stunden Indoor-Klettern und Bouldern!

Der Multipass ist in der Regel £ 47.50. Diese Black Friday Wochenende werden Sie es bekommen für nur £ 33.25. This offer will be available from Friday 24th NovemberSunday 26th November at 11.59pm.

Why should I buy a Rock Climbing Multipass this Black Friday?

  • The Multi pass is valid for 6 Monate
  • Ice Factor is an excellent wet weather option for climbers. Our training bay consists of routes ranging 3- 6C and our main rock climbing bay consists of routes from 4 - 7b. Plus our articulated wall can be lowered to make routes even more challenging!
  • It’s a double discount! If you were to buy 6 x single All Day Rock Climbing passes, it would cost £57.


Please be aware that no refund will be given if you do not meet the minimum requirements to use the uninstructed rock wall at Ice Factor. The minimum requirements are as follows;

  • You can put on a climbing harness correctly
  • You can attach a rope to your harness using a suitable climbing knot
  • You can use a belay device to secure a falling climber and lower a climber from the wall
  • You understand that failure to exercise due care may result in your injury or death
  • You are competent in the skills required to take part in Indoor Ice Climbing