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Thoir sònraichte slighe no là ann an inntinn? Perfect! Airson còrr is deich bliadhna Ice Factor air a bhith a dh'aona-iuil Prìobhaideach is ionnsachadh air a 'chreig slighean, -sreap deighe a 'gheamhraidh agus slighean, sònraichte creig àiteachan iomallach agus turasan.

We understand many climbers don’t have the time to commit to a full course. Equally there are those who finish a refresher course and want to get their teeth into more challenging ground. Private Guiding gives you the flexibility to add days, work around your diary and focus purely on your requirements.

Many students opt for the weekend refresher course, followed by 2 days of private guiding. This gives you a thorough refresher/ understanding of the essential safety issues, whilst the remainder is focused utterly on your personal wish list. Private guiding with the Ice Factor allows you to pick and choose the days/dates and course objectives.

For many, this is simply extending the Long Weekend Introductory Courses, for others it’s a single day with a single objectivee.g Traverse of the Aonach Eagach RidgeII/III.

With the burgeoning growth in winter climbing, we increasingly get requests from university and Mountaineering Clubs, looking for a specific set of objectives at a date to suitthis may be training new club members, before joining a wider group on a challenging traverse, or a very specific itinerary.

A dh'fhiosrachadh cuiribh fòn an t-ionad air +44 (0) 1855 831 100 no a 'lìonadh an fhoirm gu h-ìosal.

What To Expect

Typical Programme:

Latha 1

The course beings at 6pm on Friday evening with a course briefing. This is an essential element of the course to provide the information for the week ahead. An instructor will discuss equipment for the following day, issue hire kit, and after dinner there will be a short presentation on the mountain environment in winter.

Latha 2

Your introduction to the Scottish Winter Mountains! We will focus on the use of crampons & the ice axe, and moving on steep ground. Practice of preventing slips and falls then Ice Axe Arrests. During the day we will look at practical assessment of avalanche risk and avoidance techniques.

Latha 3+

Subject to weather and prevailing conditions, your choice!

Is there a route that you have always wanted to bag? A ridge that you’ve always fancied tackling, a steep ice route that you want some extra comfort on. The choice is yours, the programme is yours.

We don’t forget that days off are precious and whilst the focus must always be on safety and skills transfer, the fun and social aspect are important too. Many of our clients have come year after year, and made many new friends as a result of an Ice Factor course.

Core Skills

The Course Covers:

  • Winter Safety
  • Equipment for mountaineers
  • Navigation skills
  • Appraisal of avalanche risk
  • Refresher of any prior skills
  • Boots & Crampon technique
  • Ice Axe Arrests
  • Security on Steep
  • Ground Rope Work
  • Belay Construction
  • Use of Snow Anchors
  • Emergency Snow Shelters

Teagasg, Coaching and Development

Stiùireadh, Coidseadh agus Leasachaidh air a thoirt seachad le bhith a 'Ice Factor Ltd.

Ar n-amasan a-steach;

  • Airson a 'toirt trèanadh agus oideachadh don phoball ann an co-cheangal ri spòrs bheinn, gabhail a-steach sreapadaireachd, sreap deighe, sreap chreagan, coiseachd is eile co-cheangailte Mountain Sports.
  • Gus a bhrosnachadh agus a leasachadh am measg a 'phobaill, sgilean ann an co-cheangal ri spòrs bheinn
  • A 'brosnachadh sàbhailteachd agus mothachadh air a' bheinn àrainneachdan don phoball
  • Gus foghlam a sholarachadh don phoball ann an co-cheangal ri spòrs bheinn

How Much Does It Cost?

Latha(s) 1st Person Add more people
One £185 per day £ 20pp
Two £165 per day £ 20pp
Three+ £150 per day £ 20pp

* Instructor/ Pupil ratio is 1:6

Sign Me Up!

The first step is to contact the Ice Factor and ask for a call back from one our experienced guides. They will discuss in detail your preferences and expectations and provide a course structure and itinerary to suit your specific needs.

Simply complete the enquiry form below or call 01855 831 100 today!