Ice Factor Trèanadh

Training & Developing The Next Generation Of Mountaineering Instructors

Since its formation the Ice Factor has played a seminal role in not only teaching and developing members of the public in mountain sports, but has also been the catalyst for training and development of the next generation of mountaineering instructors.

Through its Apprentice Trainee Instructor Scheme, the companies have seen a significant number of novice instructors progress through the entire National Governing Body Awards programme. This has allowed a number of valued former members of the team go on to establish their own businesses as Freelance Mountain Guides and Instructors, ensuring a continuous virtuous cycle of training and development for members of the public and instructors alike.

To enquire about our training programmes, cuiribh fòn chun an ionaid air +44 (0) 1855 831 100 no a 'lìonadh an fhoirm gu h-ìosal.