(Private) Guided Winter Climbing

Develop Your Winter Climbing Techniques with our Experienced Instructors


Kev 'sreap Beinn Nibheis air Waterfall Gully

Kev 'sreap Beinn Nibheis air Waterfall Gully

Is It For Me? Course Pre Requisites

Based here at the Ice Factor this course will be focused on the classic winter climbing areas around Glencoe and Ben Nevis.

All our winter climbing courses here at the Ice Factor are run on a private bespoke basis allowing us to tailor them to your requirements

To get the most out these courses you should have some experience of summer rock climbing and winter hill walking (including using an axe and crampons) and the hill fitness for consecutive days on the hill.

Winter climbing is only offered on a private bespoke basis.

All Winter courses here at the Ice Factor can be offered as Private guiding either as a private option of a course we already offer if maybe the fixed dates don’t suit or as a completely bespoke offering tailored to your needs be it a refresher on Ice Axe arresting or a day climbing that classic route you have always wanted. Please feel free to call us at the centre on 01855 831100 to discuss private guiding options.

Fòn thugainn air 01855 831100 to discuss your requirements.

Amasan a 'chùrsa

Tha ar n-sreap geamhraidh cùrsaichean uile air an tàillearachd gu sònraichte gus an t-oide a 'cur cudrom air feuman agad, co-dhiù a tha a 'faighinn air a' chiad cheumannan cas deigh, a 'dol anns a' gheamhradh airson a 'chiad àm no' s dòcha agad ann an inntinn clasaigeach an t-slighe a tha thu airson feuchainn. Tha ar n-stiùiridh turais a thàillearachd Bidh an cùrsa a tha thu. Sinn a 'moladh oide / oileanach nach eil nas 1:2 airson a 'chùrsa seo 1:3 'S e comasach ach a bhios a' cuingealachadh na slighean agus na roghainnean a tha rim faotainn.

Sùsbaint a 'Chùrsa

Your instructor will speak to you prior to the course to give you an opportunity to discuss everyone’s experience and aspirations enabling the instructor to plan the programme based around these. Depending on your requirements we could cover the following areas.

  • Recap of core winter skills, such as using ice axe and crampons, for approaching climbs
  • Climb classic routes in Glencoe and Ben Nevis such as Crowberry Gully, Orion Direct, Point 5 Gully and Tower Ridge
  • Basic/advanced rope work and anchor selection (sneachd, deighe, rock and turf) and belaying both leader and second
  • Use of technical ice tools and crampons on a variety of mediums (rock, deighe, sneachd, turf)
  • Coaching to develop personal climbing technique on ice and mixed ground
  • Escaping from winter multi pitch climbs (including abseiling from a variety of anchors).
  • Use of the Ice Factor’s indoor Ice Wall (The largest in the world) in order to improve climbing technique.
  • Avalanche awareness and its implications for safe route choice.

Tha am prògram a tha sùbailte gu ceart a 'gabhail a-steach feumalachdan fa leth agus amasan, -aimsir, msaa.

Course Costs

You will usually be in a group of no more than two with one instructor.

Prìobhaideach iuil Price Per Day
1 Person £200
2 persons £220
3 persons £240
4 persons £260
5 persons £280
6 persons £300

Fòn thugainn air 01855 831100 to discuss your requirements.


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Teagasg, coidseadh agus leasachadh

Stiùireadh, Coidseadh agus Leasachaidh air a thoirt seachad le bhith a 'Ice Factor Ltd.

Ar n-amasan a-steach;

  • Airson a 'toirt trèanadh agus oideachadh don phoball ann an co-cheangal ri spòrs bheinn, gabhail a-steach sreapadaireachd, sreap deighe, sreap chreagan, coiseachd is eile co-cheangailte Mountain Sports.
  • Gus a bhrosnachadh agus a leasachadh am measg a 'phobaill, sgilean ann an co-cheangal ri spòrs bheinn
  • A 'brosnachadh sàbhailteachd agus mothachadh air a' bheinn àrainneachdan don phoball
  • Gus foghlam a sholarachadh don phoball ann an co-cheangal ri spòrs bheinn