Winter Sgilean agus coiseachd nam beann

Develop the Knowledge & Skills to Operate Safely in the Hills this Winter

Is It For Me? cùrsa Prerequisites:

Leasaich an t-eòlas agus sgilean a bhith ag obrachadh gu sàbhailte agus gu neo-eisimeileach anns na beanntan anns a 'gheamhradh. The Ice Factor operates in classic west of Scotland mountainous terrain such as Glencoe and Nevis range. Perfect for those summer climbers and hill walkers wanting to get started on the journey to winter mountaineering.

Olympus chamara digiteach

Airson faighinn a 'chuid as motha a-mach às a' chùrsa sinn a 'moladh gu bheil an t-samhraidh san dòigh coiseachd nam beann agus gu bheil ìre fallaineachd a leigeas dhut a dhèanamh dà latha air a' bheinn. Winter coiseachd nam beann a tha cruaidh mar sin an ìre mhath fallaineachd bidh cothrom dhut dèiligeadh ris na tha aig amannan faodaidh e bhith cruaidh agus bhodhaiga h-.

cùrsa Length

  • 2 làithean
  • Bhiodh sinn a 'moladh gun tig sibh nach eil nas fhaide na 4f an oidhche mus do chùrsa gus dèanamh cinnteach ann le d' oide. Please note that your instructor must check over your kit the night before your expedition.

Amasan a 'chùrsa

Throughout this course the Ice Factors experienced instructors will introduce you to a range of core skills such as Ice Axe arrest and self belaying and avalanche awareness. such that will enable you to enjoy and move about the UK’s mountains in winter conditions competently and confidently.

Sùsbaint a 'Chùrsa

Tha na prìomh chuspairean a tha air a chòmhdach:

  • Selection and organisation of personal kit appropriate to winter hill walking
  • Personal movement skills on snow, including kicking steps and using the ice axe for walking, self-belay, cutting steps, and self-arrest
  • Use of crampons in ascent/descent
  • Emergency procedures
  • Avalanche awareness and safe route choice
  • Core techniques of winter navigation
  • Climb some of Scotland’s most iconic Munro’s

Tha am prògram a tha sùbailte gu ceart a 'gabhail a-steach feumalachdan fa leth agus amasan, -aimsir, msaa

Dè tha e a 'chosgais?

Tha an cùrsa seo a 'ruith le oide / neach-dèiligidh co-mheas nach eil nas 1:6. Your instructor will speak to you prior to the course to discuss everyone’s aspirations and abilities to allow him to plan the programme around this.

  • The cost per person is £200pp
  • Please be aware we require a minimum of 2 people to run this course

Ready to take your mountaineering skills to the next level?

Fòn thugainn air 01855 831100 or please use the enquiry form below.

Booking Terms and Conditions

Whilst every attempt is made to ensure that activities run, occasionally we may need to cancel activities due to dangerous or unsuitable conditions. We will endeavour to give as much notice as is practically possible. Occasionally activities may fail to reach a feasible minimum number. In these circumstances we will ensure you receive at least 7 days notice. In the event of cancellation by us for the above reasons, you will be offered either a full refund or an alternative date for the course.

Booking By Phone:

A deposit of 50% of the course fee is required on booking any course with the balance due 30 day’s prior to the course date. If booking within 30 days the full fee is payable on booking.

Booking Online:

Full payment required at the time of booking.