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Hill & Mountain Skills Courses

Equip yourself with the basic safety skills required to participate in hill & mountain walking

An Teallach, North West Highlands | Cubby Images

Walking in the hills can be a daunting prospect if you have never done it before. To stay safe and enjoy your time on the hill you need some basic skills and expertise to guide you on your way. The Hill & Mountain Skills courses are designed to teach you just that. They aim to equip you with the basic knowledge and safety skills required to participate in hill and mountain walking in your own time.

People hill walk for many reasons, but a significant motivating factor is the sense of freedom that you gain from exploring the great outdoors. Discovering new places and challenging yourself adds to the whole experience and within the UK and Ireland there are vast areas to explore and enjoy.

The Hill & Mountain Skills courses are nationally accredited and developed by Mountain Training. The courses are widely available through our network of course Providers. The courses are delivered by our approved course Tutors, who are all experienced Mountain Training award holders.

Which Course is for me?

There are two courses as part of the scheme: Hill Skills and Mountain Skills. Both are open to anyone aged 14 or over. The Hill Skills course is the introductory to hillwalking and the Mountain Skills is a progression on from this.

To enquire please call the centre on +44 (0) 1855 831 100 or complete the enquiry form below.

Can’t find a date or time to suit? 

Give our friendly team a wee call on 01855 831100 anytime between 9am-6pm as we often have additional availability on site. 

Have a great day. We look forward to hearing from you! 

The Ice Factor Team