Kev Shields – Rab Athlete, Rock and Ice Climber, integral part of the Ice Factor Team

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Kev Shields – from Ayrshire to the top of the climbing world

Kev is one of our team here at Ice Factor, he sets our routes on the climbing walls and instructs with the centre. He is also one of the best climbers in the UK and the first disabled person to enter the UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup (having only one fully functioning hand). He’s had to battle injury, preconceptions and, as most new parents will agree, the challenge of becoming a new father in his journey from Ayrshire to the top of the climbing world.

Here, Trek and Mountain cover his journey in a piece featured in their March/April mag ahead of the Finalcrux film, We Need to Talk About Kev [scroll down to watch the trailer].

Hopefully you will find it as interesting and inspiring as we did.