Na h-Alba a 'toirt aoigheachd 2018 Skyrunning Farpaisean Cruinne

Tadhail air aon de na prìomh 5 luchd-tadhail anns a 'Ghàidhealtachd - glèidh sibh gnìomhan diugh!

Tha sinn air leth toilichte dearbhadh gu bheil Salomon Skyline Alba ™ bheir aoigheachd do na Skyrunning Caidreachas Eadar-nàiseanta (ISF) 2018 Skyrunning Farpaisean Cruinne air a ' 13-15mh September from Ice Factor Kinlochleven, Na h-Alba anns a bheil àireamh iomlan de ochd Skyrunning World Champions a dhearbhadh.

Donnie Caimbeul--Salomon-Ben-Nibheis-Ultra

Donnie Caimbeul, Salomon agus an lùth-chleasaiche 2017 Salomon Ben Nevis Ultra winner © Guillem Casanova

An dèidh ceithir Farpaisean Cruinne a chaidh a chumail anns an Eadailt, An Fhraing agus an Spàinn, the Scottish Highlands will welcome skyrunners from across the world to race in trì Skyrunning disciplines for eight world titles (includes VERTICAL+SKY combined title) le 27 medals at stake:

  • VERTICAL (Salomon Mamores VK)
  • SKY (Salomon Ring of Steall Skyrace)
  • ULTRA (Salomon Beinn Nibheis Ultra)


The races are open to both individuals and national teams.

This announcement comes as the 2017 Salomon Skyline Scotland event is recognised for its outstanding quality, and is confirmed as a Finalist in Scotland’s Highlands & Islands tourism awards.

Highlands and Island Tourism Awards

Marino Giacometti, ISF President, thuirt, We’re very proud and pleased to present the 2018 World Championships in the beautiful Scottish Highlands and, with the organisation of Skyline Scotland, we are confident the events will be a perfect showcase for Skyrunning attracting the world’s best athletes for some intense competition on this technical terrain."


VERTICALSalomon Mamores VK®: Diardaoin 13mh An t-Sultain

The celebrations open with the Salomon Mamores VK on Thursday 13mh An t-Sultain. The race has already proven to be unique within the Vertical Kilometer® World Circuit with its very Scottish take on the Vertical Kilometer® format. Over a 5km distance, the route gains 1,000m from sea level, initially on good trails before breaking out of the tree line and tackling the flanks of Na Gruagaichean direct. This section is steep and rough, before a wonderful rocky ridge leads to the 1056m-high Munro summit with panoramic views in all directions.

Salomon Beinn Nibheis Ultra

The famous CMD Arête leading up to the highest point of the ULTRA, Beinn Nibheis (1345m) ©Steve Ashworth

ULTRASalomon Ben Nevis Ultra™: Dihaoine 14mh An t-Sultain

The ULTRA world champions will be determined at the Salomon Ben Nevis Ultra™ on Friday 14mhAn t-Sultain. The current Salomon Ben Nevis Ultra course will be redesigned from the 2017 version to fit the new Skyrunning criteria, which includes a maximum course length of 66km and running time of 16 hours. Tha a ' 2018 route will still incorporate the spectacular summit of Britain’s highest mountain, Beinn Nibheis. Subject to spring testing the new Ultra will be ±65km, with ±4,000m+ vertical climb and a greater focus on mountain and ridge running compared to 2017, but avoiding the most technical ground which is reserved for the flagship Salomon Glen Coe Skyline™ race.


You can’t fail to enjoy the Salomon Ring of Steall Skyrace’s crowd-pleasingly narrow ridge-linessmile! © Guillem Casanova

SKYSalomon Ring of Steall SkyRace®: Disathairne 15mh An t-Sultain

The Salomon Ring of Steall SkyRace® race has proven a popular choice for runners and the 2018 edition will decide who are the SKY world champions on a classic 29km Skyrunning course that features 2,500m of vertical climb on uncompromising mountain terrain that includes easy scrambling, steep ascents, ridge traverses and technical descents.

Cinneadh Stiùiriche Shane Ohly thuirt, “Salomon Skyline Scotland has exploded from nothing to the pinnacle mountain running event in the world in just three years. It’s a phenomenal rate of change and organising the event has been some journey! It will be an honour to be trusted with the Skyrunning World Championships in 2018 and I look forward to welcoming the world’s best mountain runners back to Scotland next September.”

He continued, “There is of course a huge amount of work to do to prepare for the 2018 Skyrunning Farpaisean Cruinne, not least liaising with many stakeholders and landowners who have supported this event from the start”.

Over the previous editions, Salomon Skyline Scotland™ have already attracted many of the world’s elite Skyrunners including: Stian Angermund-Vik, Maite Maiora, Laura Orgué, Emelie Forsberg, Sheila Avilés, Marco De Gasperi, Jan Margarit, Alexis Sévennec, Kiril Nikolov, Pascal Egli, Hillary Gerardi, Mira Rai, Tom Owens, Malene Blikken Haukøy, Bhim Bahadur Gurung, Max King, Megan Kimmel, Jonathan Albon, Ragna Debats, Oihana Azkorbebeitia, Mira Rai, and of course Kilian Jornet.

With three of the Salomon Skyline h-Alba races becoming exclusively World Championship races in 2018, a ' Salomon Gleann Comhann Skyline (to take place on the final daySunday 16th September) will now be the only Skyline Scotland race on the Migu Run Skyrunner® World Series in the new SKY EXTRA roinn-seòrsa.

Salomon Gleann Comhann Skyline

Course record holders Emelie Forsberg & Kilian Jornet at the 2017 finish line © Guillem Casanova

The Salomon Glen Coe Skyline™ is broadly considered to be one of the most challenging mountain races in the world and follows in the finest tradition of the most prestigious Skyrunning races, fusing bheinn ruith agus a alpinism ann ghlan deuchainn astar, cruadalachd agus sgil air an uncompromising, t-saoghail a 'chlas-cùrsa. Tha an t-slighe fada agus feartan seasmhach earrannan de scrambling talamh, a tha an ìre mhath co-ionann ri ìre meadhanach-sreap-chreagan. Tha a ' 2017 edition was won by Skyrunning superstars Emelie Forsberg and Kilian Jornet, both setting new course records.

“What a cool race! Glen Coe Skyline is absolutely one (the one) to do!"

Kilian Jornet, 2017 Salomon Glen Coe Skyline™ winner

Athletes from no less than 40 dùthchannan competed in the 2016 Skyrunning Farpaisean Cruinne held in the Spanish Pyrenees. The reigning champions are: Luis Alberto Hernando agus Caroline Chaverot for the ULTRA; Stian Angermund-Vik agus Laura Orgué for the VERTICAL and Maite Maiora agus Stian Angermund-Vik for the SKY and combined titles.

WADA anti-doping tests will be carried out at the Championships.

2018 entries will open on Dimàirt 9mh January at 12:00 GMT and the programme, race and further details will be published before then. Please subscribe to skyline’s newsletter and join Skyline on Facebook to be the first to get updates.