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Anne Rebecca

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A little bit about Anne Rebecca

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Heya 🙂 I am Anne Rebecca,

die Deutsche im Team. Ich freue mich sehr, dass ich hier auch Kletterstunden auf Deutsch leiten darf ! –

The girl on the team, who is english and german! I grew up in Germany and got introduced to the outdoors through my family, who loved being outside. Whitewater kayaking, canoeing and skiing, which used to be our holiday activities became my favourite outdoorsport, and I still enjoy it. 2012 I moved to the Lake District, to study Outdoor Education at the University of Cumbria in Ambleside (amazing University!…) and that was when I really learned about climbing, winter walking and lots of other cool activities. Since then I have done everything 😉 [Not quitebut I am getting there]. I love being outside and the variety of sports. At Uni I started to climb 5 jours par semaine. The main reason consisted of the ridiculously cheap membership. 30 pounds for the climbingwall and gym per year! You would find me nearly every evening in the climbing wall, and within 3 mois, I went from being no climber to leading 6b’s and toproping 7a’sI loved climbing! Moving, trying to solve puzzles on how to do the moves and social aspect of it. Well, and then my journey continued, from personal time outdoors, volunteering at Outdoorcentres and then ultimately working in various Outdoorcentres. janvier 2016 I started working here at the Ice Factor!

disciplines: Escalade, Escalade sur glace

Climb Première d'été

My first summer climb I cannot remember, for I was a little girl.

toutefois, my first ever summer lead climb was at Sheperd’s Crag, Borrowdale, Lake District. I really enjoyed it, even if everyone else nearly stopped in shock, as I leaned back to test every piece of gear. ….. 🙂

Climb premier hiver

I know this sounds odd, but I do not actually know much more, than somewhere in the Cairngorms around Coire n-Sneachda or Coire n-Lochan. Possibly because it was not planned as an iceclimbing day. One part of it which I still remember is the crucial and only advice I got given: “Keep your feet flat and still”. This seemed to be enough, for I absolutely loved it. I knew at that point, that I was going to do this again.

Vous avez la route la plus difficile jamais fait

The hardest route I have led was a HVS 5b

Fall First

I cannot remember, but I do know that I used to be very scared of falling. I started to practise falling indoors and I am not sure when it changed, but I am not scared any more. It definitely has improved my climbing and helped me push my grade. Due to all the falling indoors, it also was “natural” for me outdoorsand that is probably why I cannot remember my first fall.

Morceau préféré de l'équipement

Without a doubt: My helmet! I will not go climbing without. It has saved me more than once! The other part of crucial kit: the red DMM Offset nut! Absolutely amazing

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