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A little bit about Fiona Hutton

Instructor photo

I’m Fiona, one half of the reception team and hooman to Pippin in security.  I started at Ice Factor in March 2016, when we re-opened after the fire.  I don’t do much climbing these days, but do enjoy a spot of yoga, dog-walking and the occasional paddle on my SUP/kayak. I also coach volleyball in the village.

I’m not an instructor, I specialise in Admin and tea-drinking ?


First Summer Climb

Tinto Hill, Southern Uplands when I was 8.

First Winter Climb

Tinto Hill, when I was 12!

Hardest Route You Have Ever Done

Climbing out of bed 🙂

First Fall

I fell off the coal bunker when I was 2

Favourite Piece of Equipment

My cup, preferably full of tea.  And I’m never without dog