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A little bit about Penny Clay

Instructor Foto

Hi folks, I’m Penny and can be found working as part of the reception team (part-time). I got into climbing after have being a caver throughout my university years. I wanted to learn to climb to help improve my skills underground – climbing wet rock in wellies is really hard! I finally saw the light and took up rock climbing and mountaineering instead.

I am also a qualified yoga teacher and teach a weekly class here at the Ice factor in the summer. aber, the main discipline for us on reception is keeping all those instructors in order!

Disciplines: Felsklettern, Eisklettern

Erster Sommer Climb

Corvus on Raven Crag, Borrowdale, the Lake District.

Erste Winterbesteigung

North Ridge of Tryfan, North Wales.

Hardest Routen Sie jemals getan

Psychologically, one memorable occasion was on rock, leading the first pitch of Sluice at Trowbarrow when I wasn’t feeling bold. Given that this is the guidebook description I should have thought about it first; as a result, it felt quite hard. Technisch, in winter, seconding Hopkinson’s Crack, Dow Crag on the first ascent. It was before I owned a set of dropped pick, curved shaft tools, when dinosaurs roamed the earth; I really am that old.

Erster Fall

Rumal at Trowbarrow, my first HVS lead. The good thing about traverses though is that you never fall from above your gear… although the down side is that you may well end up on a much harder route.

Lieblings Stück Ausrüstung

My yoga mat and my van.


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