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A little bit about Pippin

Instructor photo

Hi, I’m Pippin, one half of security at Ice Factor.  I take it upon myself to ‘vet’ the customers by letting them cuddle me endlessly.  Only then are they allowed into the centre!  I also take it upon myself to alert my boss/hooman of an intruder dog’s presence by barking uncontrollably until it goes away.  I’m not sure why, but my hooman doesn’t seem to like this part of my job.  I am the boss in the office and I often have to keep the other member of security, Rowan, motivated by jumping on her and chewing her ears!  I also have to make sure my staff are enjoying their work by chewing their shoesies and feetsies ? My hooman doesn’t like this either!

I love my hooman, though. She’s the best!  She saw a picture of me as a puppy, all covered in mud, after I had been rescued from a sack on a riverbank in Romania.  She had to have me and sent for me to come to Scotland, where I now get to run around with my new big sister, Mara, and cuddle up on the sofa with her and my hoomans.  It’s my favourite thing.  I love food! Food is my favourite.  And sleeping.  And running through long grass.  And swimming.  And eating.  And rolling in smelly stuff. And…oh look a leaf…