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A little bit about Rowan Hyde

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HI! I’m Rowan. I have lived near Spean Bridge all my life though I was born near Worcester in Darkest England-shire. I’m not keen on climbing but I do love hill-running and I’m a very keen follower of mountain biking and skiing – actually I usually run ahead of them! Most of my mountain experience has been in Scotland, though I have visited the Pyrenees and found them just as good for running around as the Highlands.

Disciplines: Guiding

First Summer Climb

My first hill was Shap Summit in the Lakes as an 8 week old puppy and my favourites are the Ben and the hills around Loch Laggan, with the Vall de Boi in Spain in equal first place!

First Fall

I’ve never taken a fall, though I’ve rolled down a few steep drops, especially as a pup.

Favourite Piece of Equipment

My favourite piece kit is my pertex-covered fleece – I wasn’t so keen at first but when I realised how warm it keeps me, I became a convert!

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