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A little bit about Serena Neale

photo instructeur

Hi I’m Serena, originally from Portsmouth but since 2005 have moved around a lot and lived in many places including Cornwall, Pays de Galles, The Lakes, abroad in the UAE and now Scotland. Started my career as a paddle sports instructor focusing on surf kayaking, white water and canoeing till I first moved up to Scotland back in 2013, it was then that I fell in love with the Scottish mountains and decided to move up here on a more permanent basis. As the more non-climber member of the team my main focus is the guiding qualifications. With successful expeditions abroad including Nepal, Pérou, Switzerland and America I’m now focusing on my International Mountain Leader with the goal of completing the first major step later this year.

disciplines: Guidage

Climb Première d'été

The Gutter. It’s only graded at Difficult but it’s a great warm up climb ideal at introducing friends to leadingthe usual challenge is to place every single piece of gear you own!

Climb premier hiver

Dosal Arete on Bidean Nan Bian, beautiful day perfect conditions and lots of great people to talk to along the way while waiting your turn at each belay ledge!

Vous avez la route la plus difficile jamais fait

In my entire life not sure, this year so far (2017) it’s a route in Cummingston on Gut Buster Bay. Soft Sandstone, a route called Kneewrecker Chimney VS 4c**, it was wet, it was sandy, and the name says it all!

Fall First

My first fall (and to date my only fall) was on a route in Llanberis Pass in 2012, i’d never taken a fall before nor learnt how to. Landed pretty bad trapping a nerve in my spine but hay my gear held! 5 years on I’ve forgotten the name and grade but not the mental scars made that day. I’m working on it ?

Morceau préféré de l'équipement

My Ipod! the sound of rain hitting your waterproof hood can get a bit droll after 7 heures…….. it also makes white out conditions on a solo winter day less intimidating and actually quite pleasant!