Top Ten Reasons to Try Rock Climbing

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1. It’s great fun. Physically and mentally challenging and gives a great adrenaline rush, a full body work out and is so much more fun than bashing a gym.

2. It’s incredibly social. Rock climbers usually work in partnerships – with one person belaying (controlling the rope) which means you are never alone. Other climbers will often offer advice or encouragement. Friendships are easily forged which can last a lifetime.

3. You can rock climb year round. There is indoor climbing centres across the world with one in almost every town or city, allowing you to access facilities after you have learned.
Your training schedule is up to you. You can progress as hard and fast as you want.

4. It is an inexpensive way into the world of adventure sports. You can hire equipment very cheaply until you know you are hooked, and most walls offer an entry package for your first starter kit – rock shoes, harness, belay device.

5. There is a brilliant sense of accomplishment every time you climb. In an increasingly desk/sofa bound age, there is something incredibly satisfying about physically making your way to the top.

rock climbing at ice factor

6. Rock climbing can help you burn anywhere from 500 to 900 calories per hour!

7. It teaches crucial life skills – teamwork, problem solving, exercise, courage and conviction. For this reason Rock Climbing appears on the Curriculum for Excellence and is a mainstay of fostering leadership skills.

8. Rock climbing is never boring. There are so many routes on the walls, with a constant variety of challenges that every visit is unique. Every time you come you will learn new skills.

9. It’s perfect for the explorer. You will challenge yourself every time you climb and learn important skills on each visit.

10. It opens your life to a unique set of experiences. As you progress to the outdoors, you will encounter breathtaking scenery and a wilderness adventure most people will never know.

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