Turn your Ice Axe into a Selfie Stick with Pole Pod

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Enterprising young Adventurer caches in on the ‘selfie’ phenomenon!


PolePod was devised as an alternative to a selfie stick as I was wanting to film myself skiing, and didn’t see the point in carrying a flimsy extendable pole when I already had two stirdy ones in my hands.

It went through multiple iterations until I got to something I was happy with. The PolePod™ is smaller than a golf ball and the design has been registered. It can be fitted to your ski/walking pole and left there for when you need it and it doesn’t restrict normal use. It can also be used on a less permanent basis, for example – attaching it to a branch or gate when out and about.

Winning the sports innovation award at the Sports Buisness Innovation Awards was a great achievement and has opened up great opportunities. The prize fund included a year of incubation at the Sterling Innovation Park which I feel will help AS D-Zine open many new doors. I have quite a few ideas in the pipeline and am working on a couple of products for external companies so I am excited for what the future holds.

I have had a lot of support from Elevator UK who run an exceptional Accelerator programme. I was part of cohort two and loved every minute of it, the atmosphere and quality of business support and lectures was top notch!


I will also be attending the Eurobike Trade show in Germany between the 31st August and 4th September with the Mountain Bike Centre of Scotland, and will be trying to secure some support for Go~Iso whilst over there.

I will be speaking about my journey so far at TechFest, however briefly, the biggest down so far has been the time it has taken to further develop Go~Iso as there have been a few curve balls, but I guess part of the fun is working around them. Winning the Sports Innovation Challenge has certainly been one of the highlights!

Finally AS D-Zine will be exhibiting PolePod at the Telegraph Ski and Snowboard Show at Battersea Park in London between the 27th and 30th of October. The stand will be in the “Tech and Innovation Lab”

If you would like to find out more about PolePod please search PolePod on Kickstarter.

Thank You for your time and support!