WEST는 관광 명소가 지역 자선 단체가 재원을 향상줍니다 HIGHLANDS

최고 중 하나를 방문 5 고원 관광지 - 오늘 활동을 예약!

연간 개방 일 (24 유월) 아이스 요인 Kinlochleven에서, the world’s largest indoor ice-climbing facility and a 5-star 스코틀랜드를 방문 adventure tourism centre in the west highlands has helped raise £ 726 for a number of local and national charities, including 다운 증후군 스코틀랜드.

The monies raised also help the local community to annually organise a visit for local children from Santa with his 2017 appearance planned for 2 12 월. 최신 모금 드라이브는 이제 의미 월부터 2017, Ice Factor Kinlochleven has helped the village raise over £2186 for good causes.

오픈 일 동안, climbers and non-climbers alike and for just £5pp could scale the 바위 벽 and experience the thrill of the 15m high outdoor 공중 모험 코스. Locals and visitors to the £3.6m facility in Kinlochleven also enjoyed 빙벽 등반, browsing various stalls, 어린이 페이스 페인팅, a raffle and took the chance to relax and soak up the atmosphere with freshly prepared food in 아이스 팩터 카페.

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하나, the day of fundraising started 21 miles north in 포트 윌리엄 when plucky charity volunteers and their families undertook a Gangnam style walk from the town to join the open day at Ice Factor Kinlochleven.

Kay McDuff from Kinlochleven and her 13 year-old son called Mark, who has Down’s syndrome, is a leading light in the fundraising drive for Down’s Syndrome Scotland. Kay said: “Thanks to a huge community led effort, we have managed to raise much needed funds for 다운 증후군 스코틀랜드 and a number of other charities.

“Some of us have very tired legs after the walk from Fort William but it was lovely to see so many people from near and far join the fun at the Ice Factor open day and to help contribute so generously to our fundraising effort. Huge thanks to all.”

트레이시 스미스, 아이스 요인 Kinlochleven에서 운영 이사, 주석: "연간 아이스 요인 오픈 데이는 매년 자선 단체를 지원하는 것을 목표로 재미와 커뮤니티 분방 한 행사로 개최, 격려 젊고 활동적 및 수상 경력이있는 시설은 모두이 제공하는 경험 노인 모두.

“The open day gives all local charities the opportunity to come together to raise funds for causes close to their heart. Ice Factor is very proud that as part of a small west highland village, £ 2,186 이미 매우 가치 원인을 제기하고있다, 다운 증후군 스코틀랜드를 포함하여. "

다운 증후군 스코틀랜드, that has local branches throughout the country, is the only charity in Scotland focused solely on the needs of people with Down’s syndrome, their families and carers. The charity reports that approximately 750 babies are born every year in the UK with the congenital condition that affects learning. 하나, many children with Down’s syndrome attend mainstream school and many adults can live independently and hold down jobs.