Winter Master Class

2 Day Winter Mountaineering Course

Is It For Me? cùrsa prerequisites.

Airson faighinn a 'chuid as motha a-mach às a' chùrsa seo a dhìth ort mus gheamhradh streap nam beann agus a 'coiseachd san dòigh agus cuid Ice no measgaichte sreap san dòigh a bhiodh buannachdail. As cudromaiche a tha air a bhith dèidheil air ionnsachadh agus adhartas.

Ìomhaighean: comharra Wall, Beinn Nibheis le Cubby Images.

Sùsbaint a 'Chùrsa

Plateaued at a grade and seeking to advance to the next level, or just after tips tricks and pointers, our Winter climbing masterclasses could be for you.

These two day courses will help point you in the right direction.

Latha 1 is spent looking at technical coaching on steep Ice and dry tooling to help elevate your skills to the next level. This will be run indoors taking advantage of our Indoor Ice Wall and drytooling facilities.

Latha 2 time to try out your skills on a route. Choose your route with your Instructor who will discuss the process of making the right route decision based on the prevailing conditions and your strengths and weaknesses.

Tha am prògram a tha sùbailte gu ceart a 'gabhail a-steach feumalachdan fa leth agus amasan, -aimsir, msaa.


This course will run on two separate dates over the Winter only. Early booking is advised.


The cost will be £250 per person please be aware that this course needs a minimum of 2 people to run and is run on a maximum ratio of 1:2. A minimum of 2 people is required to to run this course, if this course fails to reach this number it may be cancelled.

If these dates do not suit or you wish to arrange a private booking all our courses are available as private guiding, please see our private guiding page for rates.


Ready to take your mountaineering skills to the next level?

Lìon a-steach an fhoirm gu h-ìosal no cuir fòn thugainn air: 01855 831 100.

Booking Terms and Conditions

Whilst every attempt is made to ensure that activities run, occasionally we may need to cancel activities due to dangerous or unsuitable conditions. We will endeavour to give as much notice as is practically possible. Occasionally activities may fail to reach a feasible minimum number. In these circumstances we will ensure you receive at least 7 days notice. In the event of cancellation by us for the above reasons, you will be offered either a full refund or an alternative date for the course.

Booking By Phone:

A deposit of 50% of the course fee is required on booking any course with the balance due 30 day’s prior to the course date. If booking within 30 days the full fee is payable on booking.

Booking Online:

Full payment required at the time of booking.


Teagasg, coidseadh agus leasachadh

Stiùireadh, Coidseadh agus Leasachaidh air a thoirt seachad le bhith a 'Ice Factor Ltd.

Ar n-amasan a-steach;

  • Airson a 'toirt trèanadh agus oideachadh don phoball ann an co-cheangal ri spòrs bheinn, gabhail a-steach sreapadaireachd, sreap deighe, sreap chreagan, coiseachd is eile co-cheangailte Mountain Sports.
  • Gus a bhrosnachadh agus a leasachadh am measg a 'phobaill, sgilean ann an co-cheangal ri spòrs bheinn
  • A 'brosnachadh sàbhailteachd agus mothachadh air a' bheinn àrainneachdan don phoball
  • Gus foghlam a sholarachadh don phoball ann an co-cheangal ri spòrs bheinn